NCAA Eligibility Center Information

Potential Division I or II Athletes

If you have the desire, skill and intelligence to compete in Division I or II collegiate sports, you MUST get on the NCAA Eligibility Website. This Website gives you information that you will need to insure that you will be able and eligible to practice and play your college sport.

The website will tell potential student-athletes:

1: The grades (GPA) that you must achieve and maintain.

2: The SAT or ACT scores you must achieve.

3: The high school core courses that you must take and pass. It is critical you take the proper high school core classes. If you take the wrong courses, you will receive a penalty that would make you ineligible. Please scroll on the website to see the approved Indiana Area approved academic classes.

4: Describes amateurism and illegal sports participation.

5: Teaches you how to apply and register to the NCAA Eligibility Center. Counselors and the Athletic Directors may also be able to answer your questions or any concerns.

Click here Eligibility center