Varsity letter jackets are offered to all athletes who have earned two or more varsity letters in any given sport throughout their athletic career at the Senior High School – grades 9-12. Varsity letter jackets are offered to all athletes two times during the school year: fall season and the spring season.

A representative from Sportsman’s will schedule a comparable date with the Athletic Department in November and April.  

The Sales Representative will not select a size for your student! All jackets are custom made and cannot be returned for replacement or a refund! He will bring with him sample jackets from small – 4XL for sizing purposes…it will be the students responsibility to choose his/her correct size.

The varsity jacket will come with an embroidered name only located at the left chest area. The student must be prepared to let the representative/athletic department know what name they would like embroidered (either a first name, a last name, or a nickname). Additional lettering can be done at local screen printing/embroidering businesses.

Click on the link below to retrieve additional information for the fall varsity jacket fitting date/time:

Letter to Athletes – Fall season